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November 22, 2013

Protect Delicate Items – Use Co2

Your home has many items that are sensitive to ABC dry chemical. Televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, furniture, clothes, and important documents, just to name a few. Let’s say you have a stove-top fire and use the dry-chemical extinguisher in the kitchen. The fine mist blasting out of  the extinguisher  will get carried into adjacent rooms, settle on everything in its path. Once that dry chemical hits 70 degrees, it begins to break down the properties of everything it is in contact with, including metal, fabric and paper.

This is why we recommend using a C02 in certain areas of the home…..

The CO2 extinguisher works well on a flammable liquids or an electrical fire – Types B or C fires. They work well on an electrical fire in that they do not leave a messy residue on delicate electrical equipment such as a dry chemical extinguishers would. The CO2 displaces the oxygen at the surface of the fire, effectively smothering the fire. However, the fire can re ignite once the CO2 gas dissipates if the ignition source has not been removed.

The best places in your home for a C02? Kitchen, garage and office area. Do not use a Co2 in small confined areas of the home because oxygen gets displaced and possible suffocation could occur to the user.




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Types Of Fire Extinguishers
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